If there is a lack of USA technology industry

China’s wafer development is a dead finish

The US government issued a ban on Huawei. The trade dispute between the two countries has gone from tariff war to science and technology struggleHoweveraccording to Japanese media reportswithin the absence of US technical assistance, the seemingly booming Chinese chip design trade is unlikely to be reached. The goal that the Beijing authorities are looking ahead to; even if the industry is blunt, it may fall into a “dead finish.”

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According to the Beijing authorities’ plan for “Made in China 2025”, 70% of the wafers required by China will be made in China in 2025. Howeverit isn’t difficult to see the information disclosed by the practitioners. It’s troublesome to fulfill the standards as scheduled. high.

According to the Nikkei Asia Review, insiders at China’s largest wafer foundry, SMIC, said that in the short term, any chip manufacturer in the world is unlikely to shake off the demand for Americans.

Unnamed Artificial Intelligence (AI) The senior executive of the chip vendor said that China has no choice when the technology hole is too large. If we lose US software help or can not update the software, “our chip development is likely to fall right into a dead end.”

The sales chief of Inspur Group, the world’s third-largest server manufactureralso said that China’s chip performance is still not as good as Intel (Intel); China’s Shenzhen “Supreme Communications” executives additionally stated that its important buyer is the banking industry, and the secure system is the first. One prioritythereforeeven when Huawei can make the same chip as Qualcomm, “we’ll still think that Qualcomm is extra reliable as a result of they have decades of experience.”

Insiders at Shanghai Zhenguan Electronics said that if the US industry doesn’t provide software replace support, China’s wafer improvement will encounter obstacles.

Shanghai-based Qizhi Electronics executives believe that the Chinese language chip industry lacks market potential, but market confidence.

IC Insights data shows that only 15% of the wafers currently needed in China are made in China (including these produced by overseas companies in China). It is estimated that even in 2023, the ratio can only rise to 20.5%.

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