New Trends In USA Studying Abroad

The USA College Admissions Council is reducing the importance of the SAT and focusing on English speaking skills for international students.

At the event “New trends in studying abroad and USA-Canada scholarships” held on December 28 in Hanoi, Ms. Tran Phuong Lan, CEO of Summit Education Organization provided new information about studying abroad in the USA and Canada.

Many years of experience in the field of study abroad consulting and a former member of the international study consulting association, Ms. Lan pointed out that the trend of recruiting Vietnamese students in the USA is gradually changing. First, the importance of the SAT test to international students is declining. Currently, many universities in the USA have made the SAT an optional condition .

“This is because the SAT exam is decades old, has not met the trend change while many Vietnamese students get high prizes in exams and good study scores that the SAT cannot reflect on. light all, “explained Ms. Lan .

Downplaying the importance of SAT, but the USA Admissions Council wants to find candidates with high TOEFL and IELTS English certificates, including international students in Vietnam or high schools in the USA. Of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the admissions committee focuses on speaking.

“One of the biggest concerns of American universities is that poor English speaking candidates make it difficult to think, communicate with friends, lecturers and graduate from school can not find a job,” Ms. Lan said. Hope that parents will invest in their child’s English speaking and listening skills from primary school.

The financial support for Vietnamese students in the USA, according to Ms. Lan, is on a downward trend. Because Vietnam is now in the middle-income group, the USA Admissions Council decided to shift financial assistance from Vietnam to a more difficult country such as Africa or a poor country in Eastern Europe.

In the 2019-2021 school year, Vietnam ranked sixth in the group of countries with the most number of students studying in the USA (28%), after China (54%), India (28%), and South Korea (8%). ), Saudi Arabia (9%) and Canada (3%), as reported by the Institute of International Education (IIE). The states that attract the most Vietnamese students to study abroad are California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts and New York.

Vietnam has more than 29,290 international students in the USA, of which 89.9% or about 19,000 are studying for bachelor’s degree. The remaining 20% are studying in graduate school, high school or studying language. Many Vietnamese parents only allow their children to study abroad for a master’s or doctoral degree, but according to Ms. Lan, they should think about studying abroad from the bachelor level because four years of university will create strong roots, helping them grow more. , higher career opportunities.

In 2018-2021, the most chosen fields of study in the USA were Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Business Administration and Social Sciences, respectively. By 2019-2021, the number of students choosing to major in Mathematics and Computer Science increased by 9.4% while in Engineering, the number of students decreased by 0.9%.

Explaining this change, Summit CEO said that if studying Math and Science in general, international students have a longer chance of applying for internship visas than other business, social sciences and arts. During this time, if they do well, they can get a green card.

“With international staff who successfully complete three years of internship, technology companies can hire lawyers to help them get their green cards to continue working, the future will be very bright,” she said. Information flower .

Along with the trend of studying in the USA, studying in Canada is receiving a lot of attention from Vietnamese parents. In 2016, Canada had only 5,000 Vietnamese students, but by 2019 this number had doubled.

In 2021, the number of Vietnamese students studying in Canada is 20,830, making Vietnam fifth in the group of countries with the most number of students studying in Canada, after India, China, South Korea, and France. .

The most chosen fields of study in Canada are Engineering, Business, Social Science, Natural Science, and Computer Science, respectively. Canada’s top universities are Toronto, McGill, British Columbia and Alberta.

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized competency test used for college admissions in the American education system. The SAT has two main tests: SAT I (includes three sections in Math, Reading and Writing) and SAT II (test for each subject). SAT I is a mandatory condition for admission to American universities. SAT II is optional, for top schools like Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University or applying for a scholarship.

Studying in the USA in 2021 is the desire of many students in the world, including Vietnam. With the best teaching conditions, life is guaranteed with a high standard of living and many prestigious universities. However, to study abroad in the US you need to meet the conditions.

Conditions for USA studying

To be able to study abroad in the USA, you need to meet the following conditions:

You must have an offer of I-20 from USA schools

An I-20 is an admission letter, also known as a letter of admission to the school that you applied to study abroad. To be able to receive invitations from American schools, you must meet the individual admission criteria for each school. For high school study abroad in addition to reviewing transcripts, English certificates, extracurricular activities in the host country … you will also interview directly with the school representative before deciding whether to accept an I-20 are not.

You must complete the required school’s standard exams

For high school students, they do not need to take the entrance exam. Usually in these high schools only require GPA of the (GPA> 9.0 is quite good) and high scores in English tests such as TOEFL, EILTS, .. will also be an advantage.

For undergraduate and graduate programs, there are the following basic exams:

GRE: Graduate Record Examination General Test (GRE General Test) GRE test scores are required by graduate programs, not business. This test consists of 6 parts: Math, reading comprehension and logic analysis. This test score is especially important if you are planning to apply for a scholarship.

GRE: Graduate Record Examination Subject Test Only a few graduate programs require students to take this test and usually only in the student’s major major. The test is available for 19 different disciplines.

SAT I: Reasoning test Many USA universities require this test score for both American and international students. This test includes math and reading comprehension sections.

SAT II: Subject Test Students can choose 1, 2 or 5 subjects in 30 different subjects. Only a few universities require foreign students to take this test.

TOEFL (Test English As a Foreign Language): a compulsory English test for students whose first language is not English, applicable to both undergraduate and graduate students. The test applies to all skills: listening, grammar, reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary.

GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test. Most masters or doctoral programs in economics require this test score for both American and international students. This test tests reading comprehension, math and analysis, and reasoning. Because at the University level there will be higher requirements for students both in foreign languages ​​and thinking because they want to ensure that you can absorb the knowledge in the classroom.

You must qualify to apply for a student visa in the USA

  • Age 15 years and over
  • Academic records, transcripts from average good or higher
  • Have a continuous learning or working process
  • Have a bank account

How much money does America need to study?

Tuition: 3,800 USD-35,000 USD / year

The USA State does not promulgate general standards on the types of tuition fees and therefore the tuition fees will be determined by each school. Fees may vary depending on faculties within the school; depending on your needs and the subjects you study, …

In the US, usually tuition fees will be based on the popularity of the school, the higher the school is ranked, the more you have to pay, there are schools up to 66,000 USD – 90,000 USD. In addition, the tuition fee is also estimated based on the type of school: public school, private school, community college or language school, …

You can refer to the fees below about tuition fees:


– Private schools: 25,000 USD to 60,000 USD per year.

– Public schools: 20,000 USD to 50,000 USD / year

– Community colleges: 2,500 USD to 22,000 USD / year.

After university:

Postgraduate fees will also depend on the school, faculty, subject and a number of other factors. Some professional programs such as MBA (Master of Business Administration – Master of business administration), JD (Juris Doctor – Doctor of Law) or MD (Doctor of Medicine – Doctor of Medicine) usually tuition fees will be higher. with other Master and PhD programs.

Average tuition fees for Master’s programs:

  • Public schools: about 38,379 USD / year
  • Private school: about 58,660 USD / year
  • Average tuition fees of the PhD program:
  • Public school: 36,996 USD
  • Private school: 56,829 USD

Housing costs

When you live in a dormitory, you get a “full” set of amenities, maybe even including meals. Cornell University, for example, costs US $ 9,888 per academic year, with a single room that includes utilities; while Pennsylvania State University students only have to pay US $ 2,500 / semester for a shared room and US $ 3,990 for a two-room apartment (sharing bathroom).


Outsourcing prices depend on the type of home and the state in which you live as well as how far away it is from the city center. For example, if you can pay US $ 1,899 / month for a studio apartment in New York, but for as little as $ 1,990 in the heart of Colorado.


Each state in America has its own public transportation system, with different fees. Usually the campuses are located far from the city center, so you will have to use these vehicles every day. Travel expenses will range from 380 USD – 790 USD for 1 year. Here are a few small comparisons for you to imagine this cost:

Metro or bus for one way in New York: US $ 2.90

Unlimited Subway Pass (Unlimited Ride MetroCard) per month in New York (with student discount): US $ 56

Train, bus or tram ticket in Utah: US $ 2.90

30-day Student Pass in Utah: US $ 82.95

– City Pass for students, for one semester, in Philadelphia: US $ 366.69

Other expenses

In addition to the key issues that cannot be ignored. Then the following costs are also quite significant

  • Books and learning tools cost about 999 USD – 1,299 USD for 1 year.
  • Telephone charges are about 699 USD for 1 year.
  • School uniforms range from 599 USD for 1 year.
  • Health insurance premium 388 USD-500 USD for 1 person within 1 year.
  • Personal spending (Entertainment, shopping, laundry, …): 2,599 USD for 1 year

In general, the cost of both tuition and living expenses 1 year to study in the US ranges from about 15,399 USD – 59,800 USD

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